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Jun 17 2015 Letter: Many tax relief options available for Somerville seniors
Somerville Journal
More senior homeowners in Somerville have options to cope with property taxes, thanks to the Board of Aldermen, and Mayor Curtatone, with the leadership of Alderman Mark Niedergang. The aldermen raised income and asset limits, enabling more people to qualify for all the...
Jun 2 2015 LETTER: More needs to be done for ‘baby boomers' reaching retirement
Cambridge Chronicle
To the editor: As a growing number of “baby boomers” reach retirement age, we need to do more to address the needs of older Massachusetts residents. The state’s population is expected to grow by 6 percent between 2010 and 2030, almost entirely in the...
Apr 19 2015 Legislators Recognized for Passage of “Fresh Air” Bill
Inside Medford
Senator Patricia D. Jehlen (D-Somerville) and Representative Denise Provost (D-Somerville) received awards on Wednesday, April 15, for their work to secure passage of H. 3804, An Act regarding to persons receiving services from programs or facilities of the Department of...
Apr 8 2015 Jehlen, Garballey Chair Joint Ways and Means Committee Hearing in Medford
Inside Medford
Senator Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) and Representative Sean Garballey (D-Arlington) co-chaired a hearing of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means yesterday at Medford City Hall. Hearings have been scheduled across the Commonwealth to gather information for building...
Mar 27 2015 Senator Jehlen appointed to NCSL, CSG
The Somerville Times
Last week Senator Patricia Jehlen was appointed by Senate President Stan Rosenberg to the National Conference on State Legislatures (NCSL) Committee on Education and to the Council of State Governments (CSG) Eastern Region Committee on Education as the alternate. Senator...
Jan 27 2015 Sen. Pat Jehlen named to four committee posts
Medford Transcript
On Jan. 21, Senate President Stanley Rosenberg appointed Sen. Patricia Jehlen, D-Somerville, to multiple committee posts. Jehlen will now serve as assistant vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, chair of a new Special Committee on Innovative Education...
Jan 20 2015 Bill Passed Establishing Mystic River Water Quality Commission
Inside Medford
Representative Denise Provost (D-Somerville) and Senator Pat Jehlen (D-Somerville) are pleased to announce that in the final weeks of the 2013-2014 legislative session, Governor Patrick signed their legislation establishing a Mystic River Water Quality Commission. The...
Nov 12 2014 Intern with the Office of Senator Jehlen
The Office of State Senator Patricia Jehlen Intern Job Description Responsibilities Include: Constituent Services -Draft constituent response letters   -Assist in resolving constituent cases Communications -Maintain Press Clippings: Find all articles about/...
Nov 6 2014 Senator Patricia Jehlen Recieves GREY2K 2014 Leadership Award
The Somerville News Weekly
BOSTON – On Saturday, October 11, the board of directors of GREY2K USA Worldwide announced awards to key lawmakers in five states. State Senator Patricia Jehlen was awarded the 2014 Leadership Award for her hard work supporting the campaign to end dog racing this year...
Oct 6 2014 No program for inmates at life’s end
Boston Globe
James Flowers has spent nearly 50 years in prison for murdering a Springfield liquor store clerk. But these days, he spends most of his time in a hospital bed, immobile, mute, and suffering from end-stage dementia. At least one doctor has said the 72-year-old has only...
Sep 21 2014 Senator Jehlen Appointed to Foundation Budget Review Commission
Inside Medford
Senate President Therese Murray has appointed Senator Patricia Jehlen to the Foundation Budget Review Commission. The Commission will consider what our schools need in order to help all children get a quality education, and how the state can meet those needs. “As...
Sep 4 2014 New Orange Line Stop Opens Amid Fanfare
Somerville Journal
    Applause filled the air and cameras snapped as an train barreled into the MBTA’s first new rapid transit station in a quarter century – the Orange Line station at Assembly Square in Somerville.     "Right on time,"...
Sep 4 2014 Home Care Workers Around the Country Demand Higher Wages
Home care workers joined fast food workers in a cross-country protest for better wages on September 4. In at least six major cities -- Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Seattle -- home care workers demonstrated alongside fast food employees to  demand a...
Aug 27 2014 Governor Patrick Signs Home Rule Petition To Increase Somerville's Residential Tax Exemption To 35%
City of Somerville
SOMERVILLE - It's official. Homeowners who live in their Somerville property will now receive the highest property tax exemption in the state after Governor Deval Patrick signed new legislation this week that had previously been approved by the Somerville Board of Aldermen...
Jul 26 2014 Charter School Op Ed – Senator Patricia Jehlen (D- Somerville) and Senator Ken Donnelly (D- Arlington)
The Somerville News Weekly
Last week, the senate voted to defeat a bill that proposed to raise the current cap on charter schools in 29 districts. Beginning in 2017 the cap would rise from 18% to 23% of those school districts’ spending. Before the vote, we heard from parents, advocates,...
Jul 8 2014 Sen. Jehlen Announces Alzheimer's Acute Care Advisory Committee
Inside Medford
Senator Patricia Jehlen announces that the Massachusetts Senate has passed An Act Relative to the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Acute Care Advisory Committee. This legislation creates an Advisory Committee to craft a strategy to address dementia-...
Jul 7 2014 New state law to notify women of dense breast tissue, breast cancer risk
Boston Business Journal
Legislators said that a new law requiring doctors to notify women of dense breast tissue will save lives and likely won’t increase health care costs. The bill, signed by Gov. Deval Patrick in late June, would require the Department of Public Health to issue new...
Jul 1 2014 Sheriff Koutoujian, Senator Jehlen, Representative Vieira announce passage of legislation to foster greater continuity of care for the justice-involved
The Somerville News Weeekly
Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian, State Senator Patricia Jehlen (D- Somerville) and State Representative David Vieira (R- East Falmouth) today announced the passage of legislation designed to foster greater continuity of care for those involved with the criminal...
Jun 27 2014 Change proposed in inmates’ health coverage
The Boston Globe
Massachusetts is poised to join a dozen states that are reaping millions in federal dollars for prisoners’ health care and possibly also reducing the risk that released inmates will reoffend. All that is required is a change in state law governing the Medicaid...
Jun 24 2014 Representative Provost and Senator Jehlen Announce Passage of Breast Density Notification Bill
The Somerville News Weekly
BOSTON – Representative Provost and Senator Jehlen announced today that the legislature voted to pass H. 3733 An Act relative to breast cancer early detection which will require changes to the information reported to women about their mammogram results. This bill...
May 21 2014 For Home Care Aides, Low Wages Could Get Bump From Budget Amendment
BOSTON — The Massachusetts Senate begins debate Wednesday on amendments to a $36 billion state budget. One of the countless amendments filed would increase wages for home care aides. Those are the folks who care for the elderly or disabled, allowing them to...
May 13 2014 Bill to Protect Domestic Workers Passes
Medford Transcript
The Senate on May 8 unanimously passed a bill to establish a bill of rights for domestic workers, establishing clear labor standards and protections in the workplace. "All workers deserve equal protections in the workplace," said Sen. Patricia Jehlen, D-...
May 6 2014 A Fairer Test Score Measure
Boston Globe
How can you identify a truly ineffective school? To paraphrase retired Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, you know it when you see it. But state policy requires greater specificity than that. And in Massachusetts, we identify the lowest performing schools primarily by...
Apr 18 2014 Demand equal pay for all workers
Tri-Town Transcript
On April 8, Pay Equity Day, we again observed that women earn, on average, 79 percent of men’s pay. One reason is that "women’s work" — caring for the sick, elders and young children — is far underpaid given the skill, effort and...