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Jun 17 2011 Seat belt advocates push primary enforcement by police
The Medford Transcript
Highway safety advocates say Massachusetts can save 18 lives, prevent more than 650 injuries and conserve more than $170 million in health care costs each year through passage of a primary enforcement seat belt law.  Proponents of Senate bill 1211 and House bill 2401...
Apr 5 2011 To boost HIV testing, activists push verbal consent bill
The Boston Herald
AIDS activists, doctors and sheriffs asked legislators Tuesday to consider laws that would increase testing for HIV/AIDS, citing concerns about thousands of people living with the disease who do not know it. Members of the Joint Committee on Public Health heard from several...
Mar 23 2011 At end of life — more planning, more counseling, more dignity
The Boston Globe
MOST PEOPLE can’t control how or when death comes, but can prepare for certain scenarios — hospital, nursing home, or hospice — and pass their wishes along to doctors and loved ones. But most people don’t want to think about end-of-life care. Bay...
Jan 29 2011 Come Care with me Veteran Files Direct Care Bill
PHI Blog
Massachusetts State Senator Pat Jehlen, chair of the Committee on Elder Affairs, introduced a bill on January 20 to establish a task force to determine the state’s preparedness for the CLASS Act by examining its direct-care workforce. The CLASS Act, established under...
Jan 26 2011 Mass. Bill Would Force More Disclosure on Private College Finances
Inside Higher Ed
Legislation proposed in Massachusetts would require much greater disclosure of financial assets by the state’s “private non-profit colleges and universities and their employees or consultants,” according to Fenton, an organization that creates campaigns for causes,...
Jan 25 2011 Bill to Require Financial Info from Mass. Colleges
Associated Press
BOSTON (AP) - Tax-exempt colleges and universities in Massachusetts would be required to turn over more financial information under a bill being unveiled on Beacon Hill.
Jan 25 2011 Bill seeks more financial data from private colleges
Boston Globe
Massachusetts private colleges and universities would have to file more in-depth financial reports and disclosures under a bill scheduled to be filed today by two state legislators. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Patricia D. Jehlen of Somerville and Representative...
Jan 25 2011 Jehlen Committees include Elder Affairs, Education, Ways and Means
Inside Medford
Senate President Therese Murray announced committee assignments for the 2011-12 Senate session. Senator Patricia Jehlen, who represents Somerville, Medford, Winchester and Woburn, returns to the chair of the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs. She is also vice-chair of...
Jan 13 2011 In push for paid sick days, Jehlen raises evergreen bombshell
The MetroWest Daily News
Boston — The decision by Evergreen Solar this week to close its Devens facility and eliminate 800 jobs, despite receiving $58 million in state subsidies, underscores the need for Beacon Hill to reconsider its economic policies, a state senator said Thursday. “I...
Jan 12 2011 Gov. Patrick signs Senate Bill 2557 filed by Sen. Jehlen, D-Somerville
The Somerville Journal
Somerville — On Friday, Jan. 7, Gov. Deval Patrick signed Senate Bill 2557, An Act Further Regulating Debt Collection, filed by Sen. Patricia Jehlen, D-Somerville. A 2006 Boston Globe Spotlight series revealed that abusive debt collection practices in Massachusetts...
Jan 9 2011 New Massachusetts law protects consumers from debt collectors News
The US state of Massachusetts passed a law last month which protects debtors from having their cars, wages and bank accounts from being taken by debt collectors. The new law means that creditors collecting debts in Massachusetts will no longer be allowed to seize assets...
Jan 8 2011 Mass. law boosts debt collection protections
The Boston Globe
Governor Deval Patrick yesterday signed into law a bill to provide Massachusetts consumers with greater protection from debt collectors who try to seize their belongings and bank accounts. The new law updates decades-old property exemptions, allowing consumers to keep a car...
Dec 4 2010 Protect more cars from seizure; debtors need the means to pay
The Boston Globe
EVER SINCE colonial times, Massachusetts lawmakers have protected debtors from total financial ruin by exempting basic necessities from the clutches of debt collectors. The law still shields a farmer’s 12 sheep and four tons of hay, but the exemption it provides for a...